Went out with friends and had anxiety!

I went out friends and had a couple of beers. My anxiety was high again. I had heart palpitations. I became uncomfortable. All of my friends started talking to people. I just sat there, so I left early.

I didn’t want to binge drink so it was enough. I just wish I could become comfortable in my own skin again.


Sorry you felt anxious, its hard to be around people some times but its great that you knew when to stop drinking, some people have a really bad time with that and it can be awful for them, I’m not a binge drinker either :slight_smile:

As far as being comfortable in my own skin, that goes back and forth for me.

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I have a hard time with crowds and people I don’t know. Plus I have terrible social skills. I totally get your anxiety

Thanks guys! It’s just hard. I’m getting older and it feels that I should have overcome this. Everyone seems so comfortable, they meet new people. Make new friends and I’m stuck because of anxiety. I just want to be able to have a good conversation without anxiety. Maybe laugh and enjoy the little time I have left.

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Sometimes anxiety hits and there is nothing you can really do about it. You did what you had to do and left, don’t beat yourself up over it. I don’t really have anxiety anymore, but I’ve been in that same situation a long time ago.

I don’t have anxiety with friends but I have a problem with finding everything boring. Every activity including those with friends. Anhedonia. It used to be better on Abilify but not as good as before sz.

I guess I still have anxiety in talking with women but not with my male friends. When female friends join us I get stressed and don’t know what to say so I stop talking and stay mute.

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There was once when I was on Abilify, I was in a restobar with my friends then their female friends came, I got so stressed that I left after we played pool. The next day my friends told me one of the girls bought beer for everybody but I had already left.

I’m thinking it could be vraylar worsening my anxiety. But I’m not sure. I don’t want to quit the drug as it has helped me with my psychosis and negative symptoms.

Talking to the opposite sex is hard. I become very uncomfortable and as you say stressed. I shouldn’t, I am not interested in a relationship with anyone. This illness brings alot of stigma so what’s the point anyways.

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Honestly even before sz I had this anxiety with women, I have always had it since I can remember. My mother says I am too shy but maybe its the sz causing anxiety. My brothers are the opposite of me, not shy at all, never. Maybe they’re alpha males and I am a beta lol someone was talking about that here a few days ago.


My Brother doesn’t have issues with women, neither does my other brother who is shy.

I was very shy and have always been screwed when it comes to the opposite sex. Perhaps it’s the schizophrenia genes acting, I don’t know?

I don’t believe in alpha and beta male stuff when it comes to the human condition. It’s just bs. But if it’s true, then I’m lost.

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Yea maybe its just the sz.

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Do you take anxiety meds? Do they help and can you still function normally on them?

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I take paxil for panic attacks and anxiety but it doesn’t help. I’m afraid to quit, perhaps I’m a nervous wreck without them. Even though I am nervous wreck.

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I can’t tell you what meds to take, and I am certainly not a doctor, so I’ll just share my experience. I get crippling anxiety. Like my chest hurts so bad I can barely move, like I’m so terrified to leave the house I get groceries delivered. I know you understand this.

Paxil did nothing for me.

I finally got put on Pristiq in January and it took my anxiety down by like 90%. No joke! It’s been a wonder drug for me, for anxiety.

Don’t know if this info helps? Just thought I’d tell you.

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I’m sorry to hear about the anxiety. But glad to hear that you limited the beers. Good move.

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I have trouble talking with women who don’t talk alot but some women I just click with and really easy to talk to I could never talk with my friends girlfriend she was too quiet


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