Went out for dinner tonight


Both my sisters took me out to dinner tonight for my birthday. We went to a Mexican restaurant. It went OK, I even kept my composure when 4 waiters brought me a free bowl of ice cream and sang “Happy Birthday” to me. LOUDLY, lol.
It was crowded in there too. But several times during dinner I had to remind myself that I wasn’t the focus of the whole restaurant. Also, they’re going to take me shopping for a new rocking chair, I tell you, rocking chairs are the answer to akathesia for me.
No, my family is not rich. No, I am not rich.


Glad you managed your birthday well. Especially the four waiters. I’m looking for a rocking chair, myself.


Rocking in a rocking chair, sipping a coke relaxes me.


We used to have a rocking chair. My autistic son loved it. But he smashed it int pieces during a melt down.


happy birthday!
glad it went well for you.


Thanks. Good luck to you.


Both are high on my list.


wow i think you did well with the waiters singing you happy birthday, i’m impressed.
take care