Wellbutrin and eating

Hey is anyone on Wellbutrin? If so, do you struggle with eating enough? I started it recently, and I’ve been having trouble eating enough calories to even take my Geodon every day. Any tips for making yourself eat on Wellbutrin?

I’ve been on Wellbutrin for nearly 20 years, and I’ve never heard of a calorie requirement for that med. I usually take it and my other morning meds with food, but sometimes I take them on an empty stomach. I get no ill effects from taking it on an empty stomach, even along with the Haldol, Cogentin, Lamictal and Cymbalta that round out my morning meds.

Geodon has a calorie requirement, not Wellbutrin. But since starting the Wellbutrin, eating is kind of a struggle.

Oh, okay; I understand now. Wellbutrin has never really impacted my appetite, even when I was taking 450 mg. I normally take 300 mg, which is what I take now.

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Interesting. I hope this side effect goes away. I don’t like it.

Sometimes pleasant smells can trigger an appetite. Try vanilla cupcakes in the oven, that might get you hungry and the folks at home might enjoy the treat too.

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Wellbutrin kills my appetite, I was on it for nearly a year and I ate sparsely. Try eating things that “tempt” you. Like a good meal that you love.

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I don’t know a lot about it aside from this.

When I worked for a family practice doctor he used to prescribe it to people that were trying to lose weight to keep them motivated and he said it had a side effect of weight loss.

Of course, he wasn’t a pdoc and probably wasn’t as familiar with it as he should have been,

But he swore it helped people lose weight.

I wish you had a regular appetite again,

Maybe try making yourself your favorite meal.

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I have been on Wellbutrin for decades. I’m not aware of what it does for or to me.

I’m pretty thin.


Talked to my doctor. She took me off Wellbutrin. It was worth a shot, but did not work.

Do you just not have an appetite, or is food repulsive to you? I had literal difficulty swallowing when I was on abilify. It made eating a real chore and I started losing weight. Had to switch off for that and other reasons.

I took Wellbutrin for about 7 years, including college, and didn’t have trouble with eating, so I’m afraid I probably can’t help :frowning: I hope you find a solution soon.

edit: oh, I didn’t read your last post, I guess you took care of it then. The problem will probably go away.

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My doctor increased my Wellbutrin to 300 mg/ day and since then, in 3 months, I have lost 18 pounds. It is not exactly clear why and my other doctors are checking me out thoroughly for any other disease.

Wellbutrin stimulates dopamine and anything that gives you dopamine, like sex, smoking, eating, drinking and sleeping. When I started wellbutrin I only ate very little and only in the evenings, cigarettes gave me way more anxiety, I barely drank water, lost my erections and had crazy insomnia. I see the potential of this drug, but schizophrenia blocks main dopamine receptors and we end up not getting enough dopamine, not more adrenaline.