Well, it's time to go to the hospital

Well, I think I finally lost it. I’m up all night in a delusional panic and I’m raving online. Voices are at an all time high- as usual. I seem to break down after every six months or so.

Yep, It’s time to go to the hospital.

Wish me luck!


Good luck. You’ll be safe there and get some good treatment.

Hope to see you back soon.


I am glad you caught it. I hope you get well soon.


Thanks for the support. Thank you so much.

I don’t know what’s worse the illness or the stigma.

If you guys havn’t read Shakespere’s Othello you should. I’d recommend it anyway…

And a personal thanks to @SoitGoes for believeing in me.

And here’s another quote that I liked a lot.

S[he] be[lie]ve[d]


Good luck buddy. See you when you’re better.

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Man its great your getting yourself checked in.

I was inclined to trust you because you’ve got experience with the illness and have shown a lot of rationality in the past.

I was getting worried though. Im glad youve seen through it at least log enough to know its time to get a little help.

Take care mate, see you on the other side of this.

A break from this site will hoepfully break down the situation you believe has developed here.

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sorry you are feeling so bad,

get well soon x

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Good for you getting enough insight to check yourself in. Good luck.


Best of luck. Hope it works out.

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It’s good that you know when it’s time, instead of getting help from police to get to hospital. I hope it will turn to better quickly and you can come home again soon.

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Good luck man. Plz check in when you can.

Sending good vibes your way.


Good job taking care of yourself. You’ve been under a lot of stress lately. I hope you feel better soon.

Best of luck!

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Good luck man. Hope you get better.

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Good luck , and all the best.

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Good luck @odysseus1 take care of yourself - see you around soon!

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Good luck man get yourself better


Good luck man you need it.

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glad you know when it’s time for a little outside help… not an easy thing to admit. We all like to think of ourselves as highly independent…

But no one is an island.

Good luck and wishing you a speedy healing.


**Will be thinking of you! :woman: **

Good for recognizing it and wanting to get help. Just do what you have to do to get yourself in a better place