Well its the bank holiday weekend here again

Well its the bank holiday weekend here again. Sunday night is a popular night out. I’m in as usual, I haven’t had a good night out in over 6 years, well I don’t go out. It’s lonely but if I went out I would feel uncomfortable and would not enjoy myself.

hamster :hamster: hug.
maybe treat yourself to some nice food… ( a take away )
watch a funny movie…
go for a nice walk in nature :deciduous_tree:
i used to want to be like everyone else…in my early twenties…
i wanted to go out and be …’ normal '.
but i realised i was different to everyone… and that was okay.

a beautiful star :star: does not have to be around other stars to burn bright…
it is beautiful because it is perfect the way it is. :stars:

:heart: take care of yourself :heart:
take care :alien:

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I would like to go to a lake on labor day weekend, we have three days.
Maybe you can go somewhere in nature instead of going out at night? Are there any lakes around where you live?

Love bank holiday weekends :smiley: but i don’t go out either i like to stay in most the time just take it easy i have work tomorrow so its gonna be a long day.

What the hell is a bank holiday? Never heard of it.