It is again Friday, any plans?

My weekend will be similar as always, I do not go to bars or elsewhere.

Nope. Stay home and do nothing.

I never liked going to bars or clubs - I dont drink.

Going to stay Home as usual, on the computer, watching some TV etc…

Watch some movie or tv and sleep.

Seven girls, going out for sushi, we’re gonna drink first. I just had some bread so i can stomach the alcohol.


Just another night in for me. But I’m not complaining, that’s the way I prefer it!

Since most of us are not doing anything in this weekend, we can be here posting our thoughts :wink:

You seem to have great time there in Beirut.

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going for a movie at my city hall - To be honest, I dont really feel like going anywhere - I dont have a mood and I am tired. But the only reason I am going is that I havent seen a movie outside for nearly 6 months and want to break that.

My usual session with my therapist. And cleaning my apartment. My friday’s can’t be beat.

Go for a swim… go see my pdoc…

kid sitting the niece and nephew for the week end… looking forward to that.

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In the middle of driving a field trip today. Hope to be home by 6pm, have dinner, and then just kick back and pet the cat this evening. I’m doing a live broadcast tomorrow night just for the hell of it and hoping to catch up on house and yard work. Need to get stuff cleaned up and put away before winter hits.




Got up and had energy to spare. Took out a broken recliner, a stained arm chair, old delapitated plastic storage system, 2 old CPAP machines, old stained clothing and out dated stuff out of the frig, did six loads of laundry, moved a bookshelf and a four foot craft tower, ran the dishwasher and cooked a decent dinner. Tomorrow I’ll work on the bathroom, vacuum the floors and mop.


Last night I went downtown to the local art walk. Tonight I am sitting at home on here after a nice walk at a park near my favorite local library.

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