Well, I collided with a kid on a bike today

The cops and a bystander all told me it wasn’t my fault. The EMT said the 13 year old kid hurt his ankle but he was on his back on the ground close to crying. But it could have been a lot worse. What happened was I was driving about 30 miles an hour and I was pulling onto the on-ramp and he was riding his bike on the wrong side of the road towards me and we collided. He flipped of his bike. I got out to see how bad he was hurt while calling 911. Two cops showed up and a firetruck. They attended to him. The EMT’s took him away and afterward two cops were talking me and they said that they were going to cite the kid for driving against traffic AND send him to a juvenile traffic diversion program. The cops did NOT cite me and the way they were talking to me was that it wasn’t my fault and they let me go. Both me and that kid were lucky that he didn’t get hurt a lot worse.


Oh how scary! I’m alwas afraid I will hit someone in the dark.

Lucky kid. It could have beenmuch worse.

You must have got a fright from that accident. Glad it’s not your fault, nick.


Yeah, you’re right.

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Thanks. Now I wait and see what his mother does. They called her and she came out to the scene. I apologized to her and she made a point of saying she wasn’t mad at me.

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I am hoping she handles it rationally. I really dislike cyclists being allowed to ride on the road as they are so difficult to see. There are a couple of times where I could have easily taken them out with a school bus if I wasn’t so paranoid about double shoulder checks. One was a close call and of course the cyclist was proceeding up the right side of my bus illegally AFTER I had signalled to make a right hand turn. Moron.

I would have felt horrible if I had hit him and it’s sure not something you want a grade six class to see. Hope you aren’t too badly affected by this - sure know it would bother me.


I did not like seeing that young kid laying in the road, moaning in pain. I really hope it’s just his ankle.

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Thank goodness that mother was reasonable. Things could have gotten ugly. I hope you can feel better about this with time. You were very brave and good hearted. The way people are these days I almost don’t blame people who drive off after accidentally hitting someone when the person who got hit was the one at fault. My risk an insurance class has so far taught me that whatever happened with anyone, you can be sued.

I’m very glad you were clear headed enough to call 911 right away. I think that I would have just sat stunned for a good amount of time. If it is anything more than his ankle you probably helped out a lot by getting the paramedics there quickly.

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Not to blow my own horn, but leaving never crossed my mind.


Wow, what a horrible thing to experience. It sounds like you did everything right.