Cars and being young

I didn’t get my drivers license until I was 17 years old. But I had some experiences with cars before that. One summer when my friend and I were 15, his sister eloped with her boyfriend to Las Vegas. She had just bought a car for $100.00 which she left behind and my friend found the keys. So we went driving. We drove around town and then we drove around a little in the foothills. We took turns. It was summer vacation so we drove all morning into the afternoon. We went by our high school and we saw these two girls we causally knew walking to summer school classes. We gave them a ride and they paid us with a beer. We had our little adventures. When it was my turn I clipped some ladies bumper and we both thought she would call the cops and we would be busted but she let us go. Then my friend was driving on a hill and we almost plunged down a steep embankment when he took his eyes off of the road. Finally we were on our own street and my friend took a turn way to fast and lost control of the car and we slammed headfirst into a light pole. This was a 1962 ford with no seat belts, a hard plastic steering wheel and no headrests. I looked over at my friend and he was bleeding heavily from the mouth. We got out and people were pouring out of their houses to see what the noise was. So we didn’t think, we just ran. And we ran down the whole street to his house where he called his father at work to come and take him to the hospital. So I went home. About 15 minutes later I heard heavy footsteps coming up my apartment stairs. I knew it was a cop. So only my mom was home. The cop explained to her what had happened and the cop told me he could get me for hit and run. But he just talked and he let me off. Turns out my friend had knocked out his two front teeth on the steering wheel. I had a bad case of whiplash and the car was totaled.