Well, here we are

doggies sleeping at my feet, music on, taking it easy.
I feel like giving them a bottle, they’re not eating.
they’ve been outside been outside a lot, its sunny
if I went to my recliner, they’d be on the couch,
but they wanna be where I am.
these are the easiest dogs Ive had.
this is their 3rd time here.
I think they miss their family though,
some do when they come.
they’re not whining or moaning,
but Bane has been barking in bed. (they both sleep with me)
can’t figure it out. maybe he just wants to bark.


Not sure about your set up but it always makes. sense when you are there im your shoes.

yeah. good sized backyard with 5’6 wooden fence, large deck to get out there, its a split foyer. I always ask, can they do the stairs,
joints in dogs. some I’ve lost business.

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