Knew this was coming

like I would copy any writer from this site.

You’re right up there with the best, Sheri, keep fighting for it.


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Rebecca Chamaa would Never be on this site, Sheri.

when you did a review on here of her book,
the only time you got a response from sz. admin.

the real guy. not the stand ins. yeah, it was good to hear.

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Hey Daze. How are you feeling today?

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well, that’s a major change on topic. okay.


got doggies coming this weekend.

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Do you like having the doggies around? I have been gone a lot, so I might be a bit out of the loop, but is this for your pet sitting business?

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yeah, it’s like boarding, they come here, to our house.
I encourage it, because many dogs have separation anxiety
when the family leaves their own house.


My dog gets that sometimes, but not so bad recently.

I have been with him most of the time for the last 4 months, so he’s used to having me around

Can’t trust him in the flat at the moment, but the crate training has worked well


yeah we have a kennel too, in the living room,
for our new adopted pit bull, she’s young.
I tell Phil not to put her in there when

she comes in from running around outside,
cuz she’s happy dog.

One owner brought her own kennel
for a very small puppy, told me she’d sleep in
there, just leave the door open
but after an hour or so she came out

and was all over the place,
and ended up sleeping with us.

I think I got 150 bucks for that one,
had to watch her constantly. sweet dog.


I don’t think they mind.

My dog sleeps in there all night

During the day if I need a nap I put him in there and he just sleeps. Doesn’t complain at all.

He has water and a soft bed with some toys as well

Over here they sell Deer Antler as something for dogs to chew on.

The no.1 toy is a ball, and a deer antler comes in a close second.

He can chew on the antler for over an hour and keeps himself occupied!


We are very thankful to our pet sitter. My dog gets separation anxiety, but he loves the boarder. It’s been great for keeping him active, too, because he gets to be around the younger dogs. We are thinking about sending him once a week just for the day to hang out.

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great. just depends.
some of the older ones that come here
get sick of the younger ones. ha.
not too bad when they’re running around outside.

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He had an injury a few months ago, and nothing we tried was helping. The vet said he was physically fine, just very nervous.
We were very worried, but a short stay with his pet sitter and all his other dog friends brought back so much energy. Now he’s more like his old self, and loves to play and snuggle again.

ahhh, that’s amazing!
does he have joints problems?
our new Eliza doesn’t know when to quit though!
yeah, I think they do really like the company.

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He has some neurological issues, and sometimes his legs don’t do what he wants them to. So he stumbles and falls. But now he’s getting right up from his stumbles and running all over again. We also changed his food, and IDK if that helped or not, but he’s loving his new food. Put some weight back on after losing a couple pounds.

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