In lieu of roses at my feet, just a little conversation would be fine

I Stand Alone! and I’m not afraid.

and I’m not bitter.

how are you doing, @Daze ? =)

not bad, no real complaints.

where do you live? I’m in small town Iowa, USA.

it’s cooler here today. the dogs are resting comfortably.

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i live in the north of antwerp in Belgium. Also in a small town.

good that it’s cooler, must be nice for the dogs. What kinda dogs do you have?

mine is llasa-poo,

and we’re boarding Wesley right now.
This is his home away from home,
hard to not spoil him.
I can’t remember his breed, but he’s tri color, kinda large dog.

nice, Belgium. one of my favorite beers is Fat Tire.

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Hey daze. How goes buddy?

hey, Jim. he’s in my new recliner.

Deoge is so anti-social. I guess that’s a good thing. ha.

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Is deoge older than the boarding dog?

yes she is. but she’s like this at the dog park too. ha.

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Fair enough. My sisters dog is 14. He is a lovely dog but acts like a grumpy old man around young male dogs. Ha!

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the hardest part of pet sitting is keeping the food bowls separated,

in which they won’t get into each other’s food, and then who knows all hell might break loose.

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Yeah food bowls are a big deal for dogs. I suppose one solution is to feed them at different times but from my experience dogs can get annoyed by food feeding order. Suppose it is the canine hierarchy thing going on

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yeah. Well Wesley and Deoge are alike, in that they won’t eat the whole bowl at one sitting. I’ve had one you had to monitor,

but she still got into all of Deoge’s. I got smart and when she was outside with Phil,
I fed Deoge.

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Yeah I have been lucky in that my dogs finish their bowl as soon as it is filled. A lot easier to monitor them. A grazing pack of dogs would definitely be harder to monitor

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that was like this dog too.

Wesley doesn’t beg for people food, the way Deoge does.

but he is a real people person.

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We are getting summer rains right now. Freshens the air. Is it hot in Iowa?

ahhh, off and on rain here, and pleasant.

opened the house up. it’s just about noon.

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Is coming up for 6pm here. Scottish houses are built to be warm. But with the summer heat my place can be uncomfortably hot

Very few houses in Scotland have Ac

hmm, my house has windows and doors on north and south side,

so I don’t get direct sunlight, and I think that’s why my house plants do well too, partial sunlight.

Only turn the A/C on when I’m sweating in here.

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