Well extreme isolation

it’s been what 3 or 4 weeks now.

It doesn’t make the psychosis go away, but it gives me moments like it’s not there at all(and never has been). That’s what I’m trying to build on. Just heard a voice a minute ago and it had been long enough I reverted. Heard the voice and it seemed entirely odd to hear voices in the first place. I had forgotten I even did, although I’m well aware of all of it now.


The danger is thinking you do not have schizophrenia or that it magically went away. I do it all the time but it comes roaring back. You have to be grounded and part of you needs to know that it will not magically disappear. You have to be semi-prepared to have your disease show up at inopportune times.


Good advice. I know when I’m around people for 10 minutes all that nonsense surfaces again. Still I’ve got to try. I don’t like what I hear and I don’t like what i think in those circumstances. It has gotten better over time.

When you get worked up around your “frenimies” , you have to calm down and keep a cool head. It’s very possible to do. Good luck.

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Pixel said it best. Showing a little self control in the short term will help you stay in control in the long term. And I have to work on it just like anyone else.

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Yeah. I can do it, but when they seem to get out of line anger takes over. Then it’s like what gives you the right you culturally indoctrinated clone. You schmuck etc.

Get’s tough when they blatantly don’t give a ■■■■. Then you’re just wasting time.

But… I don’t even know whats really said. Isolation is preferable. I either am accusing them of things they didn’t do or I am powerless to change them.

They’ve all got my number. If they need me I’ll respond.

Yeah, relationships go bad. It sucks. I want it to be smooth and easy.

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I took a class on communication and conflict, and I know that in some cases you can present your argument and let the ■■■■ hit the fan, and air grievances, and then develop a greater understanding for each other.

It doesn’t happen in all cases. I do this with my family. I know we will bounce back and find common ground. But friends are different, and if you let too much time go by, you may lose them.

I’m anti drama which leaves me a bit pent up and resentful.

I could make a scene with my friends but I don’t think it’d help.

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Ya when I start thinking I don’t have an illness or that I just have Aspergers then I know from experience relapse is near.

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I don’t really know what else could be thrown at me. What could trip me out at this point. Real life ■■■■ could send my head spinning. If there was a death threat or something like that. I don’t see that happening. Be smart be safe mentality keeps me from being paranoid. Could also see that same phrase inducing paranoia.

I’m like that in terms of feeling I don’t really have any symptoms. But usually when I think that they end up returning at some point.

Enjoy the breaks

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When I’m not on meds I hear my probation officers voice, coming from my fan, in the morning harassing me. Her office is close to my house, so I think she is talking to me.

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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck psychosis.

When I do care to recall what that ■■■■ was like in the begging, I scorn every aspect of it.

Crazy as hell though, the mind can be falling apart and you can still see the beauty of this odd ■■■■■■■ thing called human existence.

We all get new cells every 7 years. Overcast but bright skies, mild rain on a country road, windows down music blaring. Relatives harassing me. The dawning days of my psychosis.

“So he’s going to continue down this path”

“He might be the one we’ve been waiting for”

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Thats how it is when im taking my meds it’s like that nightmare schizo life was all just a bad dream and I actually laugh at it,then about 3 hrs later it comes back.

Sucks man. Had to give my bother a ride to the bank. Was a slight set back, Back to my comfort zone.

Isolation isn’t bad at all. Having to deal with social situations is sometimes rough, especially when you don’t really enjoy them.

With me, I have more protagonists than antagonists when it comes to voices & hallucinations. It seems all of us are taking a seeming vow of “silence” when it comes to talking out-loud, though it’s okay to sometimes talk inside the head.

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Extreme isolation is what im doing, I don’t recommend anyone else do it but after running thousands of miles and STILL the world screws with me im finally done with it for good im not going to try to be a part of another community

my lease is up next month so im going to use the rent for the following month on a bus ticket,4 season tent ,and sleeping bag then im going to live out in the woods on the outskirts of probably Denver because they have lots of entry level jobs for people like me.

Now THAT’S extreme isolation LOL i can’t wait to see how god is going to screw with me then.

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Yeah I wouldn’t advise it on anyone else either. Unless they thought it’d be good for them.

Please don’t do that petester.