Well, at the very least, I’m going to eat good

I’m doing alright with money so I could afford a few treats while grocery shopping online. For instance, I found an unbelievable deal on a ham: $9.00 for a ten pound ham! I was looking at other hams and I saw one for $56.00! Another one was $36.00. I also bought some ambrosia from the deli and my favorite gourmet cheese, havarti. I am actually starting my diet but those things aren’t terrible for you. I’ll cut up and freeze most of the ham. The ambrosia was a luxury and so was the cheese but wth.


Good work on the saving so enjoy your spoils. I am trying hard to save but things like car costs are always getting me. Still. It’s worthwhile doing and glad your doing well.


I decided to give up pork. It doesn’t fit my macros.


$9.00 for a 10 pound Ham?

Did you order this from some guy in a trenchcoat who had it in the back of his van?



$9.00 for a 10 pound Ham?

You sure it wasn’t just a picture of a Ham?

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