This is hard to believe

About 4 months ago I kinda did a weird thing. I went grocery shopping online and ordered $1200.00 worth of food at once! Yep.
In my defense, almost everything I bought was on sale. I shop on And when they deliver the groceries to my house they give an itemized receipt and it shows how much money I saved. So I saved $400.00. Well I was eating good for awhile. But I gained a bunch of weight so I needed to diet again so I gave away 5 garbage bags full of food to my local food bank, mostly dessert and snacks. Brownie and cake mixes, microwave popcorn. crackers, ice cream toppings, cold cereal, candy.
Well, I figured i would not have to go food shopping again for at least three months. In addition to groceries I had bought some stuff off of Along with school, and some other stuff that came up I ended up with a $2000.00 credit card debt. I wasn’t panicked about it, I had a plan that I figured would pay it all off in 4 months.but then just three weeks ago my boss from my job decided to retire and she decided to merge with another company. I don’t quite understand it but this new company decided our janitor crew for my job was entitled to some back pay and my share was $1400.00 !! PLUS every year I get a bonus check for my yearly anniversary with the company. Another $300.00. Plus I got an energy rebate check from HEAP. So I will now pay off my credit card early and not owe anybody a dime. Yes, I live comfortably now. But believe me, I know what it’s like to be poor. In fact technically I have been below the poverty line for most of my adult life. I remember hitting a rough patch in the eighties and selling my record collection for a few dollars worth of food. Or running out of gas and putting my last 37 cents in for gas, praying I would make it home. So I payed my dues.


I am glad that things are finally paying off for you - I too worked my butt of into the system 25+ years till I got very sick and could no longer work. You seem to be doing good for yourself, I think that bulk shopping sometimes is more practical, I plan on doing online shopping sometime in my future

Good job @77nick77 for taking care of those usurping credit cards.

Wow, that’s some crazy ‘coincidence’. Crap like that has happened on a regular basis to my wife and me for the past couple years.

Lately, I managed to save up about $4,000 just because I felt we needed to build our savings account. A few days later, a family friend offered to sell a condo to us and as it turns out, the closing costs would cost us around $4000 in cash. Also, our rent just went up last month, so perfect timing.

Last year I sold my car and had to pay $2000 from negative equity. The day I went in to sell it, our tax return deposited into our account for exactly $200 more than I owed in the negative equity. I also used the extra $200 to pay the registration that was also due the same day (had to be paid before I was able to sell it).

The same year I stopped working, my wife almost lost her job, but got a massive raise instead (almost perfectly making up for my lack of employment).

It’s like I’m being moved around like a pawn in someone’s chess game. So perhaps you just moved squares.

That’s cool that the money comes when you need it from other sources. Cosmic!