Welcome to earth

I think its so true, I witnessed the hard core power of nature. My city is sinking in water.

What’s you climate or weather like ?


I took a 20 minute walk to the pharmacy and got home drenched in sweat. But it’s cooled off some recently.

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Its so true that average change of 1° in whole is causing so much, did you know the earth is rotating even faster these days. Dont know how much its true. I think I watched it in news.

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I think nature is doing it naturally.

Fixing it self.

Earth is overrated :earth_americas::no_entry_sign:

I hope our planet doesn’t end up like a marslandscape, but it seems we are going into the direction to change and repair. I love it here :heart_eyes:. Would be tragic to waste such a miraculous earth :earth_americas:.


I think we are like travelers and earth is our space ship. And traveling so fast in the universe. And we dont even know what’s the speed we are traveling.

Google says 1.3 million miles per hour . Is the speed we are traveling.

I think there will be some reference point and may be we are travling faster than light. :flushed:

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This thread is just depressing to me.

I love earth.

The climate/weather here is about the same as it’s always been… last summer tho it reached 115 degrees which isn’t normal for around here. This summer has been okay…. Interested to see how the fall and winter will be.

There’s lots of trees and mountains here.


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Yes I get you, it is quite not Ok, when we get to know the magic, the magic show is not that exciting, anymore.

I don’t know you want to close this thread and unlist it too.

You could request mods, I am OK with it.

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Oh, no, it’s completely fine :smile:

Haha my bad, didn’t mean to make you feel that way

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Did you know my memory is not that bad after going through this thread… I did recollect what I texted 1 year ago.

I think it just lack of confidence.


I live in the Arctic, which is warming up at 4x the rest of the world. Melting permafrost is causing so many infrastructure problems. Polar bears are mating with grizzly bears…the two would’ve never been in the same territory 100 years ago. Last winter we had 90 inches of snow, a top-10 record.
It makes me sad but I feel so apathetic about it cuz I just feel like “I’m one person, the problem is so big, what can I do that would even make a difference?”


I think you can

This statement alone will grab lots of people attention.

Too cold for too much of the year.


I think December would get very cold here,

Water and more water every where I go,
Now in my nose too,
just flooding and blocking.

Now I wonder if we want to send the water back to the poles,
It would take centuries and centuries together,

Its time to learn swimming.

People are fishing on the road as there is so much water.
Screenshot from 2022-09-06 19-37-21

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Maybe we find a recoverycure for motherearth. It can’t be that difficult. Did we all became mental loafers ?

Iowa. 4 seasons. All seasons fairly similar 3v3ry year. I love the rain qnd thunderstorms. Falll is the best. Winter is pretty.

Where do you live? Just curious

Western Canada.

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