Carry Earth With You, Wherever You Go

Hello Dear Forumer,

What is Your Favorite Part About Earth?.

Mine Personally is, The Non Judgemental Sphere of Music!.

Signed Personally (By), DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)!.

What About You (???).

It looks flat which confuses some people.

Is That a Part of The Existence of Earth That Yuu Enjoy The Most @everhopeful?. The Fact That it’s Absolutely Confusing to Some?.

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Oh!, And Women. I Forgot to Mention Women.

Every Shape & Size!.

All Welcome.

Sincerely, DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic).

:snake: :sleeping: :snake:

I love all of the creativity this Earth has to offer.

Live your life like a 10 year old boy in a Batman costume!

Forest green and dappled sunlight :sunny: :deciduous_tree:

Psychological Immortal Energy. Sincerely, DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

Green is nice color, and the trees.

Fatboy Slim~ ‘Praise You’. 1998

Sincerely, DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

:snake: :sleeping: :snake:

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The ocean … the moon… the stars…

The forest… the trees

The birds and the sea and mountains and trees

The soothing effect it has on me

Looking after the earth thru vegan diet and recycling :blush::seedling::recycle:

I Feel The Same Way About Earth’s Beauty.

Thus Classic Movie Scene I Have Shared, is How I Felt After I Lost My Pup, Lacy (Pup).

Please Enjoy.


DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

:snake: :sleeping: :snake:

Where Somewhere…, Within it’s Center…, There I Feel…, No Scars… . … :pensive:


DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

:snake: :sleeping: :snake:

Yes … just peace

Resting…, Beyond…, Above…, Below…, Within…, Once Again…, Beneath… . … :pensive:

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