Weird thoughts about people I knew

Just want to vent on some of the thoughts I have

I’m use to having bizarre thoughts and I’ve been through a lot of self therapy to keep my cool when I’m having these terrible thoughts,
But it all just got to my head today,
I’m having like weird thoughts about people in my past and I’m just sick and tired of it so decided to post here.
Idk it all just got to my head and I don’t feel normal anymore.

I know I’m not normal like them nowadays and looked some of them up on Facebook and feel depressed.
It’s like 10 years in the past.
Just need to clear my conscious I guess.

Can anyone post if they have had thoughts or delusions about people they’ve met, and how has that made you feel?
Can anyone relate with me and has been through similar things?

You mean bad thoughts? I feel that my presz friends are laughing at me bcz I am stuck in life while they’re making tons of money, have a wife, childrens, etc

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Yeah bad thoughts like those @Aziz

Many of my old high school friends
-preschiz- moved on and are successful now and I just feel a bit sick to my stomach.

My thoughts are like nonsensical but they surround these people and idk just got to me today, I need like a sz friend to relate too.

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It depends on how you define success. If you mean. Money and cars and houses, they are really poor

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You don’t have family members? They can be your friends. My brothers are my friends.

I don’t think much about people from the past, but I’m sure most of them wouldn’t dwell on me getting a condition. Most people go through some sort of disease at some point in their life. If it’s not sz it’s something else.

When I was young, before I got 30 I was very carefree in my thinking, but now I understand that everybody has troubles and are vulnerable. Selfish people might not think like that, but I like to think that most people do.

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I have family members but if I talk to them about my voices,
They would literally hold whatever I say to them for months on end
And when I’m doing bad they would bring up what I told them,

So I just do my best to be normal around them because I don’t wanna deal with that.

I have one brother I’m really close to so I guess I’m lucky for that.

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Yeah, I get sort of the same thing. If I bring up my condition they are like: “You’re still taking your medication right?”

So from now on I won’t talk about it, unless I would need help because of a relapse, but that’s not likely to happen as long as I take the meds.

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