Weird thing I've noticed regarding dreams

For some reason my dream lucidity rate is at its highest when my psychotic symptoms are active. Probably 90% of my dreams are lucid (as in I am aware I am dreaming while in the dream) while I’m having psychotic symptoms, but when I’m not having them I only get lucid dreams every once in a while. How bizarre is that. Is anyone else here a lucid dreamer?

I am! Yeah, when psychosis flares up dreams are more lucid, and also I have a hard time distinguishing reality from dreams when I wake up. Now, I have this transient moment of crossing from dream state into reality while I’m asleep.

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I just experienced that this morning. I thought I was still dreaming so I just went back to sleep so I could wake back up. But I was really awake already.

(Only in…the twilight zone.)


I also notice that when my psychosis is active I can feel like I’m dreaming even when I know I’m awake. It’s just crazy.

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Damn… Im having a lot of lucid dreams lately, not psychotic but my mind is faster and i can make more connections on things seemingly unrelated, which is not bad. My emotions are back too.
Off meds since december.
One thing that sucks is that when im having a nightmare i think “oh sh1t, im psychotic” (while sleeping)

I’m not really a lucid dreamer. Once in a blue moon I become aware that I am dreaming, but I just immediately have a THIS SHOULD STOP NOW response and then wake up. Lol.

The only thing I really notice about my dreams as far as possibly unusual is that my dreams will pick up wherever they left off. I don’t often sleep well and wake up several times a night. Most often when I fall back asleep, the dream or nightmare just picks right back up where it left off, which I think is pretty odd. It’s like my brain cells were watching a movie and I interrupted them.

That is strange. I wish I could return to some dreams that are good, but never works lol.

I do that awareness thing during sleep and have that same feeling at times and wake up lots.

Well a good dream might not stay good, so maybe it’s for the best that it stays perfect and you can cherish it in a bubble. I’ve had some dreams like that before.

The ones that will run on/off all night as I wake up multiple times, usually take all sorts of totally bizarre and random twists.

Like it starts and I’m in a huge made-up city at night where the buildings are unrealistically tall, and someone is shoving a car out of one of the windows, and I’m wondering how they got the car to the 500th floor of the building in the first place, when a girl with red hair appears in the car, and I suddenly realize I am floating in the air impossibly somehow. Then I wake up, roll over, fall back asleep. Now me and the girl with red hair are in the car, but it’s been submerged in the ocean and we are drowning but not dying, and I have to activate the car radio to get us back to the city.

I think a very high person writes most of my dreams.


I have this too! So happy to find I’m not the only one with messed up dreams!! I have really bizzare or scary dreams and if not then I don’t dream at all… another great symptom! :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t say I have a heard time telling the difference between dream and reality but I wake up feeling stressed and paranoid… puts me off sleeping tbh.

My dreams now feel so real; I tend to ‘wake up’ in my dreams but it takes me a while to realise that its a dream and its usually like a game where I have to find out how to wake up. That will happen several times until I actually do wake up and then I still don’t know if I’m awake or still dreaming. Sometimes i will hallucinate at this point. Its horrible actually, does anyone have this also? Why does it happen?
I’m currently not diagnosed but under an early intervention team so its interesting to find out that this is another possible symptom!

Yes I hate dreams where I wake up into another dream…at my worst I had a false awakening 10+ times and each time I’d wake up into my normal house only to find out something was terribly wrong, then I’d “wake up” in shock to it all over again. I commonly experience frightening hallucinations right upon waking from a nightmare. It helps to fully shake myself awake and try to calm down.

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When I’m psychotic I don’t have lucid dreams, but I do have extremely vivid and scary dreams that seem real to me. I wake up paranoid, thinking the dream had a scary message for me. My dreams in (borderline) psychotic episodes are very different from normal.

When I’m on a normal dose of haldol I don’t dream at all. Or I don’t remember.

Now I am not psychotic and on a very tiny dose of meds, and finally I’m having normal dreams again. They aren’t even scary. I like that, to me it’s a good sign.

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I had a very lucid dream last night of a gathering. We were in an auditorium and everyone was announcing who was a certain role. And someone wanted to pick me for something and I was like 'nahhhhhh, let ________ (I forget who) do it instead of me"

and then I yelled “WHO’S THE JESTER???” and someone was like @san_pedro!!! and @san_pedro walked up on the stage all goofy.

Then I had sex with my neighbor in the same dream. She’s hot. It was a weird dream.

I wish we could all have a meeting :@ that’d be so fun, as long as we kept the drama to a minimum haha. No fighting allowed!