Weird thing I think about too often

I think about my teeth falling out all the time. is this normal?

… Well you either have poor dental hygeine or you are insecure about your appearance… That’s what dream interpreters say.

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In dream symbology it means change, fear of old age or losing something important, and a few more.

If you relate to any wether you take seriously this dream meaning thingyies is more important I guess…

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I have poor hygiene in general.
but I try to brush my teeth as often as I can, more so than showering because of this reason. it’s still not daily tho.

I think about this a bit too. I took the step to finally see a dentist and am in the midst of getting a bit of work done.

It’s an awful thought though.

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I’m old enough that I’m starting to foresee myself getting dentures. I have this bridge of my upper middle three teeth that is anchored to a little nub of tooth. If that nub every breaks I’ll have to get ventures. So far it has lasted over fourteen years, and it’s still going strong, but I’d better not get into any boxing matches because that bridge could probably get broken pretty easily.

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i’m 28 almost 29 and I have dentures. I had really poor dental hygiene. Dentures suck, I have to wait to get new ones for another year I think.