Yippee for me

Just broke another tooth. Getting tired of this. C’est la vie.

I don’t happen to care much about teeth. To me, it was all about vanity. I hardly have any teeth now and the only thing I can’t eat is nuts. I make up for it with peanut butter.

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I’m getting mine all pulled soon. I’ll get dentures when I can but that might be a long while.

I need upper dentures due to periodontal disease. I’m holding out till I can get the implants. Last thing I need is my teeth falling out when I’m talking to someone.

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I really feel for you @FatMama. It must be really affecting your confidence and in turn increasing your anxiety.

Thankfully dentures have come a long way in their design and fit over the years and look very natural too. I hope you can get them soon.

Thanks. I just am getting sick of pain.

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