Weird symptom of medication or symptom of Schizophrenia?

Hi all,
So I posted this in an old thread, and it seems there is some people out there going through the same thing. But the ADMIN CLOSED THAT THREAD, LIKE WHO CARES IF ITS AN OLD THREAD?.

Anyways, I am wondering if anyone can provide a link to describe the symptoms of this symptom of Schizophrenia?.

This is the original post:

I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia about 4 years ago, was hearing voices. Now those are gone and I am taking Paliperidone.

When I am at work I experience this weird symptom that feels like I am being watched. My vision gets blurry and I really notice my surroundings. Other than that it’s really hard to explain, but thats how I feel. Does anyone know what this is?.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.

UPDATE: I am taking Abilify now and still experience this symptom of Schizophrenia. It happens at work where there is alot of bright lights and goes away usually after I get home and sleep overnight. Thanks in advance for anyone who can provide me a link (PM me please) to what this symptom of Schizophrenia is called.

@Poohead456 (love the name, btw). Have you ever been known to experience seizure activity?

I take grand mal seizures. For me they are timed… It happens pretty much every 3 months like clockwork.

But there is a large group of people whose seizures are triggered by fluorescent light.

There is a whole spectrum of seizure disorders. I started out with what they call subclinical seizures. They are very mild, last for only a few seconds and you remain totally aware and conscious. They make you feel very weird afterwards.

Where as with grand mal, you drop to the ground and flop like a fish. Everyone knows that part. But what they don’t know, is that you black out for 6 to 8 hours. You are walking and talking, but no one is driving the bus. I go to sleep and seizure always in my sleep, and wake up in the hospital

The first time I seizured, they found me driving the wrong way down the 115 highway. I swerved to avoid a head-on collision, and drove into some trees, smashing the front end of my truck… good times, good times lol

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@Poohead456 I shut it because it was old and if you read the spiel you’d understand the reason why we shut old threads. Please be kind to those in the community and perhaps read things before having a go.

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This sounds interesting DCragg. Thanks for mentioning it. Though I never felt like having a seizure during the time I was under these really bright flourescent lights. Maybe it will get worse, I’m not sure. I hope not. Anyways, thanks for mentioning it and I’ll keep that in mind in future experiences of this weird symptom of Schizophrenia!!.

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Back to the question, has anyone experienced this symptom of feeling your being watched, caused by bright flourescent lights?. I need a name for this symptom so I can explain it to my doctor. Thanks in advance if anyone can give me a name.

Yeah, seizures sucks. I’m not epileptic but i had a grand mal riding on my bike without a helmet. Had blood all over my head, concussion and brought to the hospital in an ambulance. The following 15 hours i just slept.

The day after i felt fine and bought my first bike helmet.

Sounds really dangerous driving and having a grand mal. Good your alive. I am not allowed to drive a car the next 6 months due to my last seizure, but in Copenhagen you can manage just with a bike so that’s okay.

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@bluebutterfly seizure do suck, big time. Do you know what caused the grand mal seizure when you were riding your bike? I only seizure in my sleep, so there is little fear of me having one while I’m driving.

Glad you bought a helmet, dude… Good call

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No, i don’t know. I think it’s something called PNES. That’s what they call it when they can’t se the seizures when they scan your brain. They say it’s something psychological. I have only had 3 grand mal, and a few small episodes, and i’m not afraid to have another.

Glad you can drive a car, i guess it’s impossible to manage a life without a car in the states.

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That’s weird. Seizures are neurological, not psychological. Sounds like they just don’t understand, and shooting in the wind for an explanation

I’ve had so many MRIs and EEG’s I can’t count anymore. I’ve seizuresld a dozen times in the last two-and-a-half years, nearly bit the biscuit three different times. Once driving the wrong way down the highway, once when I smashed my head off the counter and nearly bled to death, and once when I had a heart attack because of the brain’s electrical discharge

Let’s hope we’re both done with that.

I’m in Canada, actually. But I am trapped here in the country with no license. It makes you kind of stir crazy after a while

I would find out if your employer uses surveillance cameras.
do they have security there? like someone at the front desk
watching video?
this may put your mind at rest.
but if it’s something larger you feel,
it may or may not be true,
and as a schizophrenic I’ve never been clear of these thoughts.

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It sounds to me like overstimulation.
The light probably overstimulates your senses and makes your brain agitated, worsening your other symptoms like paranoia in the process.


I know there is someone watching but it doesnt bother me. There is security cameras everywhere. I know this might be hard to understand but even though there are cameras everywhere and I know I am being watched by security (maybe), I still feel like im being watched. But even more specific is everything your looking at around you feels out of place. It’s the hardest feeling I could ever explain to anyone. But one person in this thread said PNES, but im not having seizures. So what could it actually be?. Thats the question.

On a last note this horrible feeling does go away after watching some TV for a couple hours. I am still going to blame the bright lights at work because how else would this be happening?.

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Yeah I get a bit paranoid and just want to get my shift overwith… i leave as soon as i can. It’s hard to drive home but I cope and manage to get home.

Take care @Cragger - sounds horrible. Sometimes things like that get better when you age… Yes, let’s hope we are done with that.

Yeah psychological my …

The doctors examined me an hour, when i told them i drank 4-5 beers a day, they canceled the rest of the examination and the brain scan. They said my consumption of alcohol would mess with the results of the examination.

You can’t get a proper treatment if you are honest about how much you drink. It’s a bigger stigma than mental illness. Mostly doctor don’t care if you are SZ. But if you drink!!!

But now im done with drinking, so now i can get an examination if i get grand mal again (no).



Good luck on the quit drinking thing. I have taken flak before for my light use of marijuana. There seems to be an all-or-nothing attitude towards it. But I didn’t have any pain meds until just this year, and marijuana was my only way of loosening up my joints

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