Weird dreams

In the dream I had last night, I had a giant neon green mohawk!

WTF does it mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

Something similar to this:

Have any of you had bizarre dreams recently?

YES… it’s been a bit upsetting with how weird and twisted they have been lately.

In one of my recent dreams I somehow gave birth to a litter of kittens. What in the world does that mean???

I’ve also had some really vivid and intense dreams too…

Hah! That is a very strange dream! Sounds very cute though! :smile:

Damn I never have dreams that creative surprisedj

I do have deja vu a lot though from my dreams

That gets to me sometimes… when the brain fades the line between waking and sleeping…

I also have a hard time with the dreams that are so vivid… they feel so real… and then I act on them. Hate that.

[quote=“Bipolar_Bear, post:1, topic:35078”]
Have any of you had bizarre dreams recently?
[/quote]Always. The graphical definition of the dreams is getting more & more vivid. Last night I travelled through space and got to wander around in another world. I’ve also woken up in “dream hospitals” & had experiments conducted on me almost immediately. Felt real pain, but surprisingly could take it…

I used to look forward to life beyond death, but now I’m growing less & less inclined to want to see more life. Living a normal life in a new world hardly seems fulfilling. I would rather experience fantasies & dreams and collude in developing or discovering new natures.

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