I have had some weird dreams lately

I have these dreams when I wake up. In this morning I was a member of the US Marine Corps, these dreams are so vivid. A couple of nights ago I had a dream in which I was with the current US president and in this dream I moved from New York to here where I am currently. They are just so vivid.


Two nights ago I dreamed that I had quintuplets but one baby died.

Sometimes I wonder if our dreams are telling us something.

Are you watching the news a lot right now? That could be a trigger. I had to step back from following the news lately, found it too stressful and it was giving me weird dreams. I’m trying to concentrate more on photography and doing those things I can in my own community. Less stress and fewer weird dreams.

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Oh ya, all the time. Some very lucid or real as this reality.

Dreams have no meaning, they’re just random information put together by the brain randomly. They have no logic maybe sz worsens it or its like that for everyone.

A lot of mine mean that junior high is still stressing me the hell out 37 years later.


I have these dreams where I graduated high school and then went back for 4 more years lol


Same lol!!!

I had a dream where instead of getting a 2.0 in high school, I went back and got diagnosed with Aspergers, was prescribed Adderall for it, and got good grades and did well on SATs and everything and went to a great college. Don’t remember the rest. Felt like a parallel universe…

Not sure I even went to college, but it felt real like a different dimension.

Then I remember another life where I dropped out and failed out of high school.

Seems like my past changes or used to; not anymore!


Not to sound crude or mean here or even crazy, but I feel like I have had a billion dreams and it’s hard to tell what’s real. Like I have the memories after the dreams and while I’m awake. Even remember my other lives through my dreams. I often think it’s Quantum Mechanics at play.

What’s an example of a normal dream?

They are good dreams and bad dreams. Some are intense some are shallow. Some i remember some i forgot. I believe our medication alter our dreams like a nicotinepatch for example.

I’ve been having a lot of crazy dreams as well lately. Sometimes they’re very violent and scary.

But the area I live in isn’t the greatest, so I’m sure the paranoia of that doesn’t help.

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Last night I dreamed I could ride a bike again and that a big building was attached to 7-11. It was a gallery and a stage for people to perform.

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