What do you think causes schizophrenia

They’re always speculating the causes but if they knew they’d be able to prevent it.


probably some virus or something. in my opinion.

I heard of that as a theory. But there’s a genetic link in some as well. So could be a virus that targets specific genes.

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Maybe the norovirus. I was told this in a dream. Don’t quote me on it.

I read somewhere about that virus wonder if they will ever find a cure.

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They will in the future. Wish I was smarter and could cure it haha. I’m just some college dropout.

I think it will be one of the last illnesses cured because they understand so little about it.

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Agreed. I’ve always said Alzheimer’s will be cured first.

The brain deseases will be last probably cancer first because the most money is going into finding a cure for that.

Someone in Heaven dropping a hammer and going “oh crap!!!”

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I think it’s different for everyone. But psychosis may be a manifestation of some kind of poor brain health. Which could come as a result of many things. I know for me it was trauma and drugs. I don’t think it was genetics but rather my birth was a trauma, that set me up for vulnerability and eventually bam schizophrenia and drugs and alcohol made things worse. But now on the right meds I’ve seemed to find a fair balance.

I’m still sz cuz I’ve crossed the line of no return but it is manageable now with a band aid called meds.

Kinda my delusions told me the soul leaving the body to dwell alone on earth.

Yea for some people it seems to be drugs, but there are many addicts out there that never develop schizophrenia though.

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Maybe. My grandfather is at end stage dementia and I saw him heal and walk in a past life. He was mad at me for some reason. I feel bad for him. I switched bodies or consciousnesses with him in the past or ended up like him at a young age. I was punished severely. May have been aliens or a ‘miracle’. They cured Alzheimer’s in a few of my past lives. Same with schizophrenia and cancer. John Titor talked about cancer being cured from viruses. I don’t know much. Just get memories here and there.

I remember hearing that I had a great great grandma who slept on a staircase. Maybe my brothers great grandkids will say something like that about me. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

Maybe contradictory messages in childhood.

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Check out the lyrics from john lennon the song working-class hero.

I believe it’s an excess of acid in the brain, particularly kynurenic acid, behaving like an NMDA receptor antagonist and causing hallucinations as a result.

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Is that the root cause? What causes the increase in acidity?