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So I go to the Dr’s appointment. And talk to him about my sugwayion with my cognet and smoking and depression. So he adds ex pro to my pills. And has me coming back in 6 weeks. Ask me to take it a week before stopping smoking. Funny I am no now. But anyway I have to drop my patch to day and start the pills in the morning. Oh fun. Hope I don’t go crazy on it.


I stopped smoking with God’s help five years ago. I recommend that you drink water . . .


Good luck with it all DrZen.

I remember that @Jayster I was around

An may not have been smoking then.

Stopping smoking put me through my paces.

@DrZen, a little bit off topic here,

What was your highest form of education ?

My sister is staying with me. Well she hasn’t had a cigarette since Sunday and she’s been in bed for 4 days straight so far. She said the withdrawals are making her tired. She is also in pain (she has Elhers-Danlos Syndrome).

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12 pluss college and trade school Dr of motors had a stroke at 7 and dyslexia . got a acting job at 5 and farmed for 21 years plus more.


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