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We need to forget about dreams


We need to forget about dreaming to be normal, face the music and remember that our ultimate goal is just to maintain and stay alive.

I’m learning to make peace with that. I won’t be working in huge companies, might not get married etc etc. But i can stay alive and maintain myself.

That is my new look on life


Reality is wrong, dreams are for real.

  • Tupac Shakur


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I don’t think we should give up on our dreams, we just have to adjust them a bit to better suit our illness.


I think he was high most prob


That’s my attitude. Anything else is a bonus. And sometimes the bonuses happen.


I have a similar look on life, I will only think and dream about improving my life taking for granted that I always will be ill, the rest will be just a bonus as everhopeful said.


I have a reasonable quality of life now over the last ten years things have improved
I may have to push myself to do more things in order to improve my life more
For example I don’t go out much afternoons or evening
I will challenge this by going to a local hotel spa for a Pilates class at 7 pm next Thursday


I concur. I’ve stopped comparing myself to normies.


This thread reminds me of the second part of this song. “I’m not insane cause i have no need for my sanity.”


Even ‘normies’ often have the most unachievable dreams, and they are forever disappointed by not achieving them. Most normies are constrained by the reality of capitalism, where inheriited wealth and the connections are the reflection of success. Social climbing is rare, although it is often idealised by the myth of capitalism as being achievable. That is the ideal! it rarely happens, even for normies.

What is success? Is it the ability to make lots of money? In reality, to do well in this takes a glut of psychopathy, and yes they are happy, but then they don’t feel like ther people. Their indifference to other’s suffering and poorness isn’t a concern of theirs.

True success is to be happy, and I mean genuinely happy and that comes from connection and doing simple things like walking in the mountains, or helping another human being. That is easily achievable by schizophrenics.

Don’t be fooled by the overkill of media such as billboards, sociial media and other advertising bombarding you all day everyday. That is superficial. Success is to be happy and finding means to do that and not comparing yourself to other people is the first step to fulfilment.


My dreams are what keep me going. I dream that one day I can be self sufficient, that’s all. I have accepted that I may never aspire to my true potential, but I still have to have my dreams, they are what keep me hopeful.


For a long time, I’ve been haunted by memories, fragments of my life before schizophrenia. The fragments weren’t very clear, but I remember being somewhat accepted by my peers and not going off on rants at the slightest provocation. And the pain caused by realizing I will never be the way I was, was tremendous.
So I trained myself to look at it from a different angle. I will never be free of this. It’s a curse in many ways, but I’ve gained some advantages from my condition as well. That person I used to be was weak and mundane. He no longer has any meaning for me. Even if I see a picture of him, I feel no remorse or pain. He’s just a random child, a random, dead child.
That’s one factor in how I turned a corner in my recovery


I’m too stubborn to kill my dreams. I’ll probably hold on to them til I die.


My dreams are to get married, have more friends, and maybe have a job. I’ve already lost my dream of playing soccer and I’m ok now.



I am very near to normal life with out much medication. Some time I think to become a monk so I will approach to more people suffering from schizophrenia and benefits them from my experience.


My only dream is to play piano at performance level. I’ve fulfilled all other dreams.


That’s a very commendable goal! I’m also planning something where I can help others. Like a peer support or something. Not for another year though I wanna make sure I’m not just on a high I wanna see if I did in fact go through a “rebirth” experience and will not be getting lost again


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