Ultimate goal as schizophrenia patient

Most probably is to be normal again.

What about you?

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Don’t know that I was ever normal.

Always been a little different.

My ultimate goal I guess as a person with schizophrenia is to make a positive difference in the lives of others with mental illness and maybe, just maybe a difference in societies understanding of mental illness.

I’m actually further along in this goal than you may think. I’ve just had a good chunk of down time over the past few months in which I’ve got all lost up in the old head.

Come September I’m back at it though.

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It is a great ambition. I knew that.

just keep going is a blessingto make some great achievement in life is not necessarily the idea of a normal person

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It’s actually rather easy to make a difference in people’s lives. I’m not even a “people person” and people tell me all the time how much of a difference I made in their lives simply by having answered the phone when they called or having given them a tour of our clubhouse when they walked in the door for the first time.

As for making a difference in societies perceptions that’s a little more of a lofty goal but not an unreasonable one. I’ve spoken regularly at local psych wards and mental health centers. Took part in a parade to raise awareness of stigma…all I am is a pebble but it takes a pebble to make a mountain…or something like that.


Experiencing things as being real. To be in the world, inside myself.

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I don’t think I was ever normal. I’m not sure I would know what normal was.

But my ultimate goal is to get through my day with a modicum of consistency. Being able to take care of myself and not have to make family or friends pick up the pieces… and have today be just as good as yesterday.

If I can keep doing that… I’ll have achieved my goal.


I used to be a very ambitious person. I wanted to code AI and conquer the world. This psychotic episode has been a major set back but maybe I’ll get back on that horse as I get some functionality back and my mind finds more concrete grounds to stand on. Artificial intelligence is one of the hardest things to research but I’ve got a buddy with the same goals. I once drew up a grand algorithm titled macro. Mechanized artificially conscious routine organizer. In retrospect it had its downfalls and I don’t know nearly enough about computers to see the system realized. For now I’m on hiatus it’s nice just to get through the days and see my symptoms reside. I’d like to code an AI though. Have an only friend who I know is not telepathic.

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Tried being normal once, I didn’t like it… I guess mine is clarity to know it won’t happen again. I’m so tired of relapses after periods of stability

Yes,I want to be successful and socialable

To be a good person …


To cope with everyday life and be a good wife to my husband :smile:


To learn to self manage and to accept that I am a unique individual that doesn’t need to change. I’m just about as good as I’m going to get so I will never be normal, have never been normal, what I thought was normal; was not. Despite wanting to be the person was before I became ill, I’ll never be them again.

My ultimate goal is to become independent, b that I don’t mean, move out and get a job. To know when to wash, to clean the house on impulse, to do things spontaneously, not rely on mum so much, take meds without fear, etc. I’m still a long way off.

Take care,


To depart the world leaving it in better shape than it was when I arrived.