“We got it wrong”: WeightWatchers CEO embraces “life saving” weight loss drugs


Losing weight by diet alone is miserable. You’re always starving. You’re always thinking of food. Since starting Saxenda I don’t have to be hungry all the time. I can stop eating when I am full (something I never felt before) and push a plate with food on it away from me. I don’t mindlessly snack all evening.

I fully support these new medications and hope they become more widely available and more affordable. This is the solution to a massive public health crisis. Good to see that WW gets it.


I miss my Ozempic and want to eat all the things! Especially a bag of kettle cooked chips by Miss Vicky’s. Mmm…

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Is there any catch to it?

You feel really gross the first month and have no appetite at all and then you sort of normalize to having a lessened, but healthy appetite after. I still have to make healthy choices when I have meals and get at least some moderate exercise. You’re not going to keep losing if you lie around all day and your meals are fried chicken with chips.

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My grandmother took fen-phen and it damaged her heart. She is dead now. Not that she died now this happened years ago.

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So would you say it affects the quantity of your appetite more so than the quality? Like you would still crave unhealthy things just less of them? To relate to myself: I got a big appetite but satisfy it by eating lots of things I do not particularly want to eat (read: kilos of veggies).

More the quantity. I find that the better I eat the less I crave garbage food. Eating chips or crackers makes me want more of the same. Eating sweets or candy makes me want to consume that. Staying away from processed foods and junk food also helps keep cravings more manageable. I don’t want to eat as much and my cravings are for healthier things.

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