Virgin space flight

Anyone else watching?

Super interesting. I want to shoot my remains into space someday. Float among the stars for eternity, watch over the shiny blue ball.

Woo, let’s go!


I’ve thought that too, a space coffin shot out into the galaxy like in Star Trek.

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Maybe if you save your money for the rest of your life you will be able to afford it.

yeah, I am watching it right now

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If this had any benefit to humanity I would be in favor of it. You never know. We discovered the silicon microchip during the race to the moon, but I still have my doubts about this.

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If it means getting billionaires off the planet, it’s all good.


I think space travel to nearby planets in our solar system will become commercially available by the end of the century.

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I think it might go :fireworks:

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So do I,it has bad news written all over it, fcking idiot. He’s an old man

According to the news I am watching they hit 80km altitude, which is the barrier of space, so they made it, now they are on their way back. Space tourism is now a reality (If you can afford it).

Edit: Just heard it will cost $250,000 to travel to space.

Edit 2: They have landed, it was a total success.


So far so good. He’s the space knight!

For the average folk, I would say that $250,000 is not worth 10 minutes in zero-gravity in an unpressurized cabin. However, a billionaire who pays $50 million USD for a ride to the ISS where there is pressurized cabins with oxygen and space food not to mention the 9-day stay should be well worth it.

I don’t know. There would be a lot of work needed to accomodate a man with no training and no background in a multibillion dollar space station. I think $150 million would be more like it.


For the half a dozen space tourist that have gone to the ISS, they have paid between $25 - $50 million USD for a ride there.

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Maybe there is some benefit to the general good from this after all. We could be discovering a cheaper way to launch men and material into orbit.

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Hoping it explodes or burns up on re-entry.

Branson is that annoying.

I used to shop for presents at one of his Virgin stores in Paris. I don’t know much about the guy except that he concocted an UFO prank in London some 30 years ago:

Well a lot of astronauts and scientists are always saying how small and precious our Earth is when seen from space, maybe when a large portion of the general public is able to get into space and see it for themselves they’ll realize the same thing and we’ll take better care of the planet.

I think it also signals the end of the flat earth theory. Once millions and millions of people have been into space broadcasting a round earth from their smartphones the theory will take a major hit, of course new conspiracy theories will probably take its place, lol.

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Couldn’t of said it better!

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