We are now on Threads (Meta)

Hi everyone,

A problem with the recent unexpected downtime was that there was no other place for users to go and see what was happening until we managed to get the Discourse Team to put up an announcement. Moving forward, we want to make sure there is a place users can go for updates if the forum disappears again. You can find us on Threads by Meta now:

We chose Threads over X (Twitter) because you can read posts on Threads without having to create an account. It is getting increasingly difficult to read posts on X without an account and we didn’t want to have anyone being forced to sign up there just to get an update.

Please bookmark the above address. We’re not going to be using it much except for important announcements and for providing status updates in the event of more unexpected downtime. Hopefully everyone will find this helpful. Thanks again to everyone for your patience and understanding through the recent turmoil - we are sorry for any inconvenience or anxiety it caused.



Thanks for the update I have it bookmarked :slight_smile:


Is the main forum page (www.schizophrenia.com) hosted on a different server to the forum.schizophrenia.com website?

If so, would it be possible to use that for updates too?

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I wouldn’t follow the insta account btw just saying, if i was to do that then my information could be accidently be shared, same with logging in, i wouldn’t log into it as my facebook info could be shared if i posted and i don’t want that, i also declined the cookies , but i bookmarked the page on my browser.

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This is all you need to do. We don’t want people to have to sign up for an Instagram account and hand over private information to get updates. However, lots of people are on Instagram so this is extra convenient for them. Thanks for bookmarking the link.

It could be, but we did not have access to that either during the downtime and of course, it happened away while @SzAdmin was away on business and we could not reach him to ask. All moderators have access to the Threads account and we can all update it immediately if needed. This was the best compromise we could come up with on short notice. We don’t want to leave everyone swinging in the wind a second time.



Unfortunately I’m not signing up for Threads so I won’t have access

I don’t have an Instagram account

I hope i remember its bookmarked lol ‘i might forget’ my memory is atrocious

You don’t need an account @Wave, you can see our profile and the latest updates when you are not logged in. That is why we chose it over X (Twitter). I hope this helps.



I’ll have a look but I’m not to follow for obvious reasons thanks.