Way12go I started taking abilify 15 mg again

way12go I started taking abilify 15 mg again

I think it’s almost 30 to 45 days without antipsychotics but I took abilify yesterday night

I am getting too many delusions and I’m unable to perform day to day activities as the delusions are making my presence of mind absent.

Now, I feel much better, after taking 15 mg Abilify yesterday night.


That’s good news. I was worried about you since you stopped you meds. I’m glad you’re re-starting your meds.

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I already got negative symptoms on first dose itself. All these days I could watch asian drama online and now, I started watching a new drama and I couldn’t watch the first episode itself. I guess to gain presence of mind I must also gain negative symptoms. It’s not a guess, it’s a reality.

You also sound more coherent on meds. Nice decision.

way12go good news…!!