Watery eyes, anyone else?

Does anyone else have watery eyes? I constantly wake up with dried tears around my eyes. Redness etc. It’s very annoying. I’m using eye cream and putting Vaseline around my eyes now before bed. I’ll try a cold mask as well.

Curious if it’s an antipsychotic side effect or just me.

I developed allergies this year for the first time. It is the devil in my head, I think. Continuous voices and daily altering me.

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I don’t think it’s devil. I understand and have voices as well. Unfortunately it’s our brains misfiring and sending the wrong signals to the wrong places at the wrong times. Our brains are wired incorrectly to some degree. That’s just schizophrenia. But I pray for voices to pass, and for healing. I do believe there certainly is a spiritual realm as well.

Maybe bcz you are sleeping too much?
I get this when sleeping too much.