Was feeling really weird before then figured out I had forgot my morning meds

Take your meds on time folks.


I take a lot of meds (mental and physical health), so I have a large weekly med box. I also have a list of the medications that tells when to take them and dosage (I have to cut some pills in half). The meds keep changing, so I have to keep my list up to date.

Yeah, it’s so easy to forget.

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I left the flat early this morning having forgotten to take my meds. Was only at 3pm when I remembered so I left my parents house, came back and took my meds. Feel ok now.


Sometimes it can feel pretty good to me to miss a dose of my med’s, or even get off them altogether, but then I remember how crazy I’ve gotten sometimes when I was off my med’s, so I take them regularly.

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Have you heard of the concept of treatment holidays. Where you get to stop meds for a week or two. Some doctors say it is a good idea.

The same happened to me, it’s 106 pm and i just took my meds.

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Interesting idea, but I’m afraid that once I got off my med’s I might not want to get back on them.

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How you feeling @neveragain? Did you notice a weird feeling?

Yeah I think that is one of the problems of that system - there is a lot to lose.

very strange I was playing a guitar and suddenly right after putting it on my shoulder felt weird and sick. I didn’t want to continue playing so I quit and then realized that I forgot my meds.

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You’ll be fine soon when they kick in. How you doing buddy?

Okay I’m just happy I don’t have to drive state to state to the va today. I get weekends off and the tms therapy is in tapering stages so I’ll only have 4 appointments this coming week. I’m much busier than usual and I like the thought of keeping a schedule more than just drifting through the week so there’s an acceptance therapy I’m going to go to soon in madison once a week. It is a therapy that helps people deal with accepting their current lot in life even though it may be a horrible nightmare.

Other than that I wanted to play guitar today but honestly I’m just not feeling it at all right now. I feel clouded up.

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Yeah I’ve not touched my start in weeks. Will be out of the now.

Has the tms helped you think?

I’m not sure, they say most of the effects will take place about two weeks after the end of the therapy. I think keeping a schedule has helped me from drinking less too. I’ve noticed that I’m more talkative about people and when I get asked a question I just articulate a bit more than usual. I used to hardly ever talk and I didn’t progress much with my doctors cause I didn’t want to talk I just wanted to be left alone pretty much.

I think that it’s helped, or else keeping a 645 am schedule has helped or both.


That is cool man. I got up at 6m this morning for the first time in ages. It really kicked my ass.

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lol it sure can, I sometimes shower at night aand then try to sleep in a bit longer in the morning because there’s less for me to do. But I always get a coffee and hit the road.

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I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well lately! It’s always inspiring to see someone make such huge leaps in their recovery.


Well I’m not sure if I’m recovering or just getting tougher with age. The symptoms are still there and it seems there’s nothing I can do yet to prevent the hallucinations that always turn violent. I just hope I can keep busy enough that I won’t pay attention to the attacks.

How have you been?

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