I skipped my meds last night

over my recent holiday I could not stop sleeping. I slept on and off for days.

I couldn’t take this sleeping business anymore so last night I skipped my abilify and woe and behold, today I feel back to all-right.

I guess once in a blue moon it is o.k. to skip the meds, right?


Sometimes I don’t need my meds as heavily as I do other times. I don’t skip, but I do talk to my doc about dropping the dose.

It’s not going to be this month though. This is going to be a stress city month. I’m trying to find ways to get through it.

good luck with the meds, it’s an odd balancing act to be sure.
I’m glad you feel better.

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One of my docs used to recommend “med holidays” like a weekend without meds once in awhile. Looks like you were ready for one.

I miss doses frequently. I don’t notice any ill effects. I’m not recommending it. I do it sometimes because I’m out of medication or I am out somewhere and I can’t get home in time to take my meds at my usual time. I’m on resperidone, cogentin , and welbutrin.

this spring I was out of town for a few weeks and I kept on forgetting to take my meds. not the usual routine, you know.

so I understand where you are at, perfectly. I usually feel better after my meds. almost always actually. I hope you get yourself the correct amount.


Sometimes its ok. But if you do often it can make you sick in another way. I read once about it but the article didn’t mention what type of sickness a person can get.

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I want to know how are we expected to have any kind of life with all this sleeping?

i am thinking your dose might be too high if you are sleeping too much

suprisedj is right you need to talk to your doc and tell him whats going on bc you cant be sleeping all the time bc thats not really living, you need to find a balance,

i sometimes get really sleepy and its usually after i take meds but it goes away after a while, its just enough to maintain my stability tho so i put up with it, if i was sleeping all day that would be the worst

so far, I think I adjusted the problem so I can continue again to take it every night. I hope so. judy

Last time I was on meds and skipped a couple days, I thought I was going to fall through the floor. That was the last time I took meds because I realized that they screw me up more after I stop talking them than before I started taking them.

Sounds like a Good excuse, hehe. Last time I stopped meds I became really manic and cleaned the entire house, rearranging the glasses in our cabinet and other things. So there are some positive effects and I hope you were able to do some good in your waking hours. ^Things certainly are different off meds though. I wouldn’t reccomend missing an entire dose it might throw things off too much, but everyone’s different.

my meds keep me going. I can sleep well with them and overall I feel happier and better, not high just honestly often happy.