Was doing ok but now I feel really demotivated

Had a hobby I enjoyed doing and obsessed over it to the point of annoyance for those around me. Did that for 2 weeks and realized it’s going to take years to be any good at it. Now I’m feeling stupid because I know I’m going to suck at it for years and years before I’m any good.

I know it’s good for character to suck at something but to just push through. But I’ve never done that before. I want to stay with it, I’m just worried I’ll end up putting years of my life into it and I’ll still be no good.

Would it be true to say that it doesn’t matter if I suck, and that I should pursue it just because it offers a distraction and relieves some of the pain? I stared at a wall nd paced around my room for like 2 years, so I definitely don’t wanna go back to that bs.

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Definitely it would be true to say that.


If you love what you do then why worry if you think you’ll suck in the long run?

What a way to spend time doing something you like and want to do! It is certainly better than pacing around a bloody room.

It is not time wasted if you like ‘wasting’ your time in the way you may do.


That’s a really smart way of looking at it. Thanks for sharing that perspective with me. :+1:

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