Was at choir practice this morning

:slight_smile: was alright, we sang ain’t no mountain high enough, and an Abba song and something else lol ‘get happy’ was a good song


We have a streetchoir here. That could be fun to go there. Thanks for the idea.

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Im more used to singing choral music. And chants out of the Psalter. Used to be a Catherdral chorister as a child. Magnificat and Nunc Dimmitis and all that out of the Psalter at 16.

Not these days tho - Smoking and Drinking ruined my Treble and Tenor voice Years ago. Used to get paid 40 quid for singing at weddings on a Saturday.

Thats all dead now - Its all “Happy Clappy” with electric guitars and twats trying to heal you. The old Church of the book of Common Prayer - Matins and Evensong is replaced by twats on micro-phones these days. Not a decent SATB Choir anymore round here.

ours is a community choir so mostly just uplifting, we had 5 first week then today we had 15 which i thought was pretty good

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Im Pleased for you - Glad your getting enjoyment out of it. I was brought up in “High Church” tho - where you sing from the Chancel in Cassocks and lead the clergy in, where i was the Crucifer.

I simply cannot get on with bands and electric guitars in worship tho. There is a certain dignity about it - that i feel has been lost.

Pleased for you tho - wish i could sing again.


i’m sure there must be somewhere you could hone your voice again :slight_smile:

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Yah, quit smoking and practice at home.

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