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I attend my old Catherdral now and again , usually to watch the choristors in the choir practice. But the Dean approached me and said would i be a server for communion for easter - cos the old one dropped out.

I wanna say yes - but at the same time i dont want the religious delusions creeping in again. It would be nice to put the cassock and surplus back on tho. Cos im lanky - i used to be Crucifer as well.

For the record - i was a chorister from 8 till 14, where i sang treble. Didnt do so well in the back row as Tenor - so left, and the bursary i had didnt cover it.

Maybe i will speak to the Dean again. Ive got long ties with the Catherdral - and
as long as im not singing - i can do the practices, long since learnt from childhood.

I dunno - Its quite an honour really - and i dont wanna cock it up.


If it’s just for one service,

I’d do it.

It seems like something you enjoy and makes you feel good,

Plus, I think your at lower risk of encouraging delusions if it’s just one time.


I agree with goldenrex. It sounds like something you want to do. If the religious delusions creep in again you can turn it down in future.


Yeah i will go for it then. I get to wear my old Royal School of Church Music badges as well lol. Ill phone the Dean tommorow and say yes. Its a local Bishop doing the communion - and i know him, so he will understand if i cock the protocol up during the service lol.

thanks x


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