War with Iran

What does everybody think about the Iran situation going on?

Keep politics out!

Hard to keep politics out of something like this.

I’m pretty worried though. Don’t want a world war!

Haha, good luck keeping politics out of this one.

War is just as much a political issue as it is a humanitarian issue. Politicians decide when we go to war.

It’s the same battle that’s been going on for years. No one wants to give an inch, no one is willing to talk, because they fear being perceived as the weaker one.

Edit: I took out my last paragraph because it was delving into the realm of conspiracy.

Iran is our main source of coconuts here in the U.S. If we go to war and can’t import coconuts then the chances are almost a 100% that we will have a major recession, equal to the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Experts are warning Trump about this but he won’t listen because he’s too busy starting new Twitter feuds with Paul McCartney and Ringo. Trump claims he wrote “Love Me Do” ten years before the Beatles recorded it and had their first big hit with it.

And he also claims Paul McCartney was born in Africa, not England and demands that Paul produce his birth certificate.


Here’s the difficulty. How do we destroy Iran’s ability to meddle in the region without fighting a land war which we would surely lose? The reason we’d lose it is it would take a draft, a home front, and a lot of things no one in the US really wants. We simply don’t have enough troops. The attack that happened was bad enough to require a war but how badly do we really “need” it. I think future events like whether or not Iran tries to wipe out as many oil facilities in Saudi Arabia and other countries happens, and how much that hurts the US consumer’s pocket book will determine whether or not there’s a war. I don’t think they’ll be a war any time soon though.

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