War in Europe

I don’t want to engage in politics, but we can’t just simply ignore that we’re on the eve of war in Europe.

I read an article where Boris Johnson said Russia is planning the largest war since 1945.

I have a bad feeling about this one.


Politicians on both sides are trying to play a game. Russia is acting like the imperialist dictatorship it is, of course, but when politicians in the US and some of its allies say Russia is about to go to war, they do that for their own political purposes and increase the chance for a war.

We could have handled this without spreading dubious information to sway the public opinion. There have been so many reports about upcoming Russian attacks, and it has been repeated so many times that Russia will go to war. We don’t know if they will. But if they feel pressured to do so, they might change their plans and do it. Biden and Boris Johnson are not helping to deescalate the conflict.


Yeah, it doesn’t look good. I skimmed some articles; it looks like the next war would be the United States vs Russia and China. The articles insinuated that if Russia succeeded in the Ukraine they would next attempt to build Russia back up like it used to be. They would try to get back all the countries they lost in WWII.
China might start a war by invading Taiwan.

There’s a lot of speculation going on but it is a serious crisis.


We don’t know nothing.


Life is a privilege :sparkles: :relieved:

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The Cold War never ended.

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I hope there isn’t a war.

I’m actually stressed over this for many reasons

It’s not helping.


As much as I am interested in this topic and would like for it remain open, as it is a topic that may impact us all, it is definitely political. I find myself even wanting to engage some comments on a political level so I know others will as well. Let us just hope that there is no war.