War makes invalids out of healthy people

I hate war. It’s perverse.


I agree. I want world peace!

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The war going on in my head agrees


Let me tell you what war has done to my family.

My grandmother was just a teenager when her home was hit during the Korean War. She and her mother fled but were captured. However, they managed to escape.

The war led our grandmother’s family to live in poverty, but they were not in extreme poverty. This led her to marry a man that she didn’t know well.

She lost my grandfather to cancer when she was just in her 50s. My mother wed my father when my grandfather had terminal cancer.

Now, she’s 80 years old and she still remembers the war- the horrific memories of escaping the war and the poverty afterwards.

It lives on with our family and I won’t forget her sacrifice.

May my grandfather rest in peace.

One of the major reasons we get the idea we are bad people is because someone made war against us. This was also true in my family.

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