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      For the past month, I would say, my case manager has been 

“concerned” about me. She calls me every day and has alerted the Crisis
people about me and for awhile they were calling me everyday wanting to
come to my house and assess me.

I know things have not been good…mostly in the confusion area…IN
try ing to figure out my banking or my transportation appointments to my
numerous MD appointments has left both me an my Father completely
befuddled. I have often been writing emals and then forgetting that I
sent them orwhat Isaid in them, leaving me in the hot water a lot of

My husband told me he will give me an extra Loxapine which is what
they would do in the hospital for me as that is the only drug that has
ever helped…But the Crisis monkeys threw a fit about that as did my
case worker. I have been a little better since taking the extra
Loxipine. I do not want to go into the hospital…I have enough trouble
as it is.

perhaps you should talk to your pdoc about increases in meds, just to be safe.
take care

I just sent her a text… she responds more quickly than she does with a return phone call
I’m almost out of pills either way I need a new script.

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my caseworker bores me, always says the same ■■■■. his calls annoy me, i try to dodge as many appointments as possible.