Extremely frustrated


So I take clozaril right now. 200mg a day right now. I have to get blood tests each week in order to get a one week supply. I go every Monday. For the last few weeks the drs office keeps “forgetting” to fax over the results to the pharmacy causing a lot of difficulty. This week was no different. In not sure the office is open which means I won’t be able to get my medicine this weekend. Which is horrible. Id have to start at low dosages and with back up fi miss 2 days of not taking it. I called my Dr but he hasn’t called back. Im really stressed about it and my voices are on a rampage. On top of that my stepmother is going to tell at me for not being on top of it. Makes everything worse. I feel awful. What if they do it on purpose? Ah…


Hey I hope you get your meds soon. If your doctor is not doing what is required for you can you consider another doctor who will?


I’m not positive how it worked with my sons. I wasn’t aware that the Dr’s office sent the results as I thought it was the governing agency that monitors, like Apotex is one of them here in Canada. At times I think the pharmacy has contacted them directly for the results. Do you know who the agency is that monitors your blood work? Maybe the pharmacy can contact them directly?


I too have the tendency to see things like that as a deliberate attempt to harass me. Try not to do that. It can take you to some bad places.


Yes, doctors can resent our “dependency”, forgetting that they are just doing a job.


i hope you are feeling better.
take care :alien: