Want to take anti anxiety meds rather than anti psychotic meds

I suffer mostly from anxiety rather than psychosis, am diagnosed as schizo affective. Feel like my psyc meds make me brain dead and numbs me and my anti anxiety meds calms me down, does anyone else feel this way?

i have felt exactly the same way however ive never addressed it with a doc

I used to feel the same way until I realized my psychosis can be the cause of a significant amount of depression and anxiety for me.

I realized that there is a lot of overlap between my anxiety and psychosis - they are intertwined.

As an example, my paranoia and anxiety are connected.

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One time I got out of the hospital. I got a script of 30 mg of klonopin. This was a LONG time ago. I called up my doctor and said “DOC. I FOUND THE ANSWERS…IT WASN’T THAT IM CRAZY, IVE JUST BEEN ANXIOUS THIS WHOLE TIME” I stopped my anti-psychotic meds and began taking like 4-5 mg of klonopin a day…I ended up right back in the hospital a couple days later. This was a point in my life I was less vulnerable to becoming psychotic too.

But on the contrary, now if I don’t take my klonopin I become very psychotic, it keeps my mind stable. But need Anti-psychotics too.