Anti-anxiety meds

i feel so much better now that i have less anxiety,

i never knew i could get this until recently and now i wish i had gotten it ages ago

once my anxiety is lessened my productivity increased

like i am now able to do so much more than i did before, i have been walking and i even went to the gym and did an intense workout and that, i feel less stress or rather the stress does not affect me as much i think,

i would highly recommend trying an anti-anxiety med along side your anti-psychotic,

feel so much better, not as tense and things.


@mrhappy That sounds wonderful man. I am anti-anxiety meds, but not the narcotic kind (Buspar). I don’t want to get on any benzos because I know I will become addicted to them, and it kind of slows down my mind (thinking) a little.

But different meds work differently on different people (say that 3 times) and it seems you found a “sweet spot” so to say!


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I’m glad you were able to find a med that worked for you and is helping you.

Anti-anxiety meds have helped me as well. It’s a great feeling… having that hovering sense of nameless worry finally lift and go away.

Congratulations and I hope you keep feeling better.

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I asked my pschiatrist if he thinks I would benefit from antianxiety medication.

He said no he doesnt recommend it, and did not really explain.

I am dealing more with frustration and agitation from my symptoms.

My antidepressant and getting around 10-12 hours a sleep a day helps with my anxiety.

I heard a lot of poeple had withdrawel symptoms from just stopping the antidepressant I am on.

I took ativan for a year when I was first diagnosed. It helped me, kind of wouldnt mind bieng prescibed it again if a psychiatrist would support me with it.

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Klonopin turned my life around.

I went from failing school to c grades. Anxiety really affects you so much, I would highly recommend anti anxiety meds.


I asked my psychiatrist a couple of years ago for something to help me with the anxiety. She said that my AP meds are tranquilizers and it helps for the anxiety.
My anxiety are now much lower than what it was.
I’m happy for you that the anti anxiety meds works so good for you.

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i was on Klonopine for alittle over a year 3 times a day then i quit takeing it then i have no side effects from stoping month later i was in hospital and on valium 3 times a day i just quit this 1 month ago id been on it for 6 months i wasn’t addicted so i went to Ativan PRN this working nice no side effects i can take when i want and no addiction i have maybe what you didn’t hear about is not everyone gets addicted to benzo’s.

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I have been on klonopin, valium and Ativan. The first two for very long times; maybe about 7 to 10 years each. I am not totally sure exactly. I was on Ativan for maybe a month or two. Last Tuesday, I got put on Buspar; 10 mg in the am and 10 mg in the pm. My heart still pounds fast and loud; especially when I lie down. I don’t sleep yet; but, maybe an hour or two at night; if lucky. Many times; especially; when upset; I feel all these pins and needles on my skin and like I want to jump out of my skin. I read about Buspar on the NAMI website and it said it might take a month to work well. I was put on Invega and taking it at night; but, now I am taking it in the morning with the hope that I will start to sleep again at night. I am on 9mg of Invega. I am also on 300mg of Lithium in the am and again the pm. I think I am getting used to this being up pretty most of the night. I am starting to look forward to the “insomnia” tv that’s playing on the network and cable stations. But, I don’t get some relief by the time I see my therapist, April 30, Thursday; I will bring it up. I guess you do need to sleep and relax eventually.

I wouldn’t be able to survive without Klonopin. The dose has gone down as time has gone on…I haven’t need as much. And maybe one day I will be able to get off it completely. But for now I need klonopin. Panic attacks are crazy.

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