Regarding Muppet the Schnauzer


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As you regulars will recall, we adopted a bundle of joy named Muppet, and 1 year old Schnauzer. Muppet has shown the signs of being a service dog. She gets between me and people who can tell I’m nervous to be around, licks my face when I have night terrors to wake me up, and walks by my side on a leash. She is an excellent dog. We bought Muppet her own bed so she wouldn’t get kicked by my violent thrashing in my sleep. She loves her new bed and claimed it as her own. I love this little girl!



This is real good to hear @alien99 - she sounds ike the perfect dog. I love dogs, I couldn’t see myself without one

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Thanks @Wave ! I’ve gone through several dogs that didn’t work out (including one who bit my wife on the stomach). I think we have a winner. I love my doggie!



Perhaps you can train my cat?

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I’ve taught 2 cats to play fetch. Does that count? :smile:



Can you teach them to fetch me a soda?

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How about a beer and slippers?



That will work out quite nicely!

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