Walking 10,000 steps a day won't help you lose weight, study finds


i have an average of around 5000 steps a day

Eating less is more effective to loss weight.

But exercise always good for your brain and body.

i’m going to try both, i got a gym card

Probably not but I still do it for health reasons. I’m working to jogging more. Hard on the joints but really good for your heart health from recent things I’ve seen. I try to do 11,500 steps by breakfast…Losing weight is hard for sure but as an overall approach walking is good still.


I step walk because it’s healthy.
I’m losing weight because I’m not eating as much.
Counting calories is really the best way to lose weight.


I walked in circles in solitary confinement and only ate half my dinners, dropped from 185 to 135 in three months. Then my mom got scared and said something to them, and the guards started giving me ensure every day and I got fat again :frowning:


50lbs in three months is amazing. You should try it again.

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Reducing insulin sensitive and low carbs helps

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The study used stressed out college freshman so I am not sure it translates well to older folks.

I still am grateful I lost 45 lbs that I gained from smoking simply by doing a slowly increasing walk for 40 minutes every single day. Exercise will boost your metabolism (I.e. get your mitochondria working better) but diet is important too.

I think probably the best way to lose weight though is to eat a mostly vegan diet with some non fatty proteins thrown in and stay away from restaurants.

If you don’t start sweating, it’s not exercise.

I don’t understand the. I have heard walking is what gives you the longest longevity.

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