The secret to losing weight

Just do the opposite of gaining weight.


I have messed up again

Since I gave up Landscaping I have put on 12 kilos.

Not good

Nothing I can do for the moment

Will start swimming again

Trouble is I like my food, and I am not desirable to other Umans anyway, so who cares!

I figured you put yourself in the right frame of mind and you have no limits what you want to achieve, unless you got people in your life stopping you achieving your dreams.

The secret is understanding things about the body such as how nutrition affects health in the long run. And the severity and horrible Ness of terrible disease.

And understanding that I look nice in clothes when I’m slim.

So then the next step is extreme temporary dieting.

And then after that general healthy eating.

This is my personal hypothesis


Calorie counting and walk walk walk!

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There is no secret to losing weight. Healthy eating & exercise will always be the statistical facts when comparing a population sample size that is trying to lose weight.

Fasting does help too.

More calories out than calories in.

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I am totally embracing the oversized fashion style that really hides my weight gained.


My god! I ran close to 221km and burned over 22,000 calories for the month of November. Talk about breaking records.


You run a lot. Have you ever done a marathon?

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Yeah, I did a 10km marathon in April of this year. My time was like 90 minutes or something. Slow compared to some real athletes.

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I purchased a stepper machine from the charity shop today and just 10 minutes on that gives a good work out. I’m hoping to increase my steps in the coming months.

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I thought I lost like 50 pounds.

But then I found the weights in the closet.


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