Waking up in the middle of sleep?


I use to get up in the middle of the night and it would fell like someone poked me, or for no reason at all, waking up for no reason.
Did you had this problem, waking up in the middle of the night and not sure why, or if it was someone who woke you up? maybe not now, maybe you had that problem before ?


I’ve always woken in the night for aboutthe last y6 years. Sometimes I wake in a blind panic, heart racing coz I’ve heard a noise of one of the kids has woken me. But usually I wake at about 4.30am then go back to sleep after I take my son to school. Xxx


Lots of time. Right when I’m falling asleep I hear a loud noise that keeps waking me up.


I am always waking up in the middle of sleep. I always think there is an intruder or something or a tactile hallucination will get me up.


I have no memories of waking upon the middle of the night. I think I seldom do that.


It’s when I think I’ve slept all night that I get worried coz I know that means I’ve been sleep walking and doing stupid ■■■■ lol


i always wake up but because of sleeping pills i am falling back asleep…thankfully.
but it is annoying sorry it is happening to you and everybody else.
take care


I wake several times a night, which would be find if I didn’t eat when I do.


I always wake up in the middle of sleep, because of my dreams, racing mind, and probably my med generates body heat and i dont sleep in a stable temperature.


I wake up seems like every hour anymore, either bathroom break or refrigerator raid. Sometimes I just get up to stare out the window at the sky or being nosy seeing which neighbor is up looking in our house.
Beats finding myself leaning over the rails of the creek bridge just a block from my house, staring into the water.


Oh ya! Every damn night too! Bathroom, or weird dream or blanket fell off, thought I heard a noise, or just awake for no reason. I end up feeling wiped out when I get up in the morning usually


I get that. Waking up for no reason. I reckon it could be stress related, or even related to mild depression. You just never know.


Apparently it is pretty normal to wake up several times during the night. I can’t find the link anymore but I remember looking into due to my insomnia. The myth is sleeping 8 hours straight without waking up.