Who else wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes?

I do this every so often. Its 230 am here and I am awake again. I think I’m gonna watch anime and then take a nap later. I can’t take my sleeping pill because I had a beer last night and a melatonin before going to sleep at 11. Oh bother

Winnie the Pooh says “oh bother”

I used to wake up during the night sometimes, but not anymore…

Take care…I take Mirtazapine for my depression,it works…it also make me feel sleepy after I take it and can go to sleep straight away

How messed up was Christopher Robin for coming up with all those messed up fantasy friends? I mean they all had mental disorders of their own. Winnie-the-Pooh eating disorder, Addiction to honey. Tigger - ADHD, Eeyore - Severe depression, Piglet - Anxiety disorder. Not to mention Christopher Robin who was constantly hallucinationing.

Oh yeah…What was the topic? I’ll have to look lol. Yeah wake often around midnight to 3am mostly turn over and sleep. If around 4am have troubles getting back to sleep. As often wide awake. Strangely enough can mean I’m fighting a virus. Can also be the onset of a migraine for me.


Yes, it got worse as I got older. Funny I woke up with a migraine with aura the other night first time that ever happened to me.

■■■■ it I took 5mg of Ambien. Nighty night.

I’m still awake. ■■■■.

They should just give us anesthesia

I think that lately I am up every night and even anasthesia wouldn’t put me to sleep.

Like seriously I just wanked after taking an Ambien. That ■■■■ doesn’t work, I am still awake.

Sometimes stress over rides my Seroquel.

What I hate more then waking up in the middle of the night… twilight sleep.

I’m sort of wake… sort of not… I can’t seem to get fully awake… but I’m not sleeping… Or I sleep walk.

I had a bad one a few weeks ago… I woke up on the sofa… (went to sleep in my bed) and the house looked like it got broken into and turned over. I was pretty freaked. Very upset by this…

My sis said it was a sleep walk in a way… I was looking for my smokes. (Still haven’t had a puff since September) but something in my head was looking for my cigarettes. That was why I woke up to a trashed house.