Waiting for Elder Scrolls VI


I can’t wait for this game. I know it’s in development and it’s rumored to take place in black marsh the land of the argonia ms. Each time that one of these games comes out I waste so many hours, but it’s so entertaining. Almost feels productive. Having no job and always looking for a distraction a game like this could be what I need to recover. I hope they have a multiplayer component. Elder scrolls online just looks like ■■■■. Anyone else anticipating this release. It’s still gonna be a few years but that’s is how it is every time.


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I was so flipping excited when I heard about it. You don’t even know how much time I’ve spent playing Skyrim hahaha. It was my first elder scrolls game because when Oblivion came out we didn’t have an xbox. Fell in love immediately, heh


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Yeah I had it on PC with a shitload of mods until my graphics card broke. Replaced it with a cheap 35$ thing. It was worth it though 1$ an hour is not bad for entertainment and I played that game for like 250 hours on PC alone. Used to just get high and submerse myself in it.

I wasn’t even thinking of getting es6 for PC. I’d have to get a new graphics card which I plan on waiting for. Got the motherboard loaded to max capacity in most respects could use a larger hard drive but 256 gigs is still a lot of space. Anyways I want to wait until they have cards which saturate the pcie 2.0 slots then I’ll know my rig is maxed and ready to stand the test of time.


My favorite Elder Scrolls game is still Morrowind. I’ve really had the urge to play it again since I’ve been helping my friend out who’s playing it.

I hope in the new Elder Scrolls you can roleplay characters that are more like average citizens part of a guild instead of finding out you’re something like the dragonborn so early in the game. I like making characters that are just like your typical guild member doing miscellaneous jobs for the guilds you’re in. They also need to bring back spellmaking.


That’s an interesting take on things. A game where your just a citizen of the land. Probably doesn’t make for the best story lines but they could still have some pretty cool ■■■■. Thy should have some shadow of colossus type fighting with giant monsters and ■■■■. The series has always had so much potential. Maybe they could add a climbing element like assassins creed style free running. That would certainly make theiving more interesting.


LOL I never finished Morrowind but still have it. Oblivion came out about the time I finally got into Morrowind but Oblivion’s graphics where so much better. Learned my lesson also as both are buggy as anything and need unofficial patches just to play. Might give the rest of the elder scrolls a miss for that reason. As hate changing to much of games unless it’s only cosmetic changes. But I’m still playing Oblivion like now lol. … Bretons for the win!


I think I had 100 hours logged in in Oblivion, just doing random quests. I used to really miss it when I was in a group Home in 2006 and wanted to bring my 360 over to play with other residents but never did. I had the Collector’s Edition which came in a cardboard case with Uriel Septim Coins. I remember right after you come out of the sewers at the beginning you have a nice landscape view of the Capital city, I was taken aback by the scale and graphics of that game.

I did get Skyrim but never went really far in it, I was just beginning to learn my Dragonborn powers when I realized what I didn’t like in this game: Dungeons. They are a scary place and I get depressed running after artifacts all the time…


my daughter is obsessed with skyrim and morrowind lol. she has a t-shirt with “i used to be an adventurer, until i took an arrow to the knee” it means nothing to me but she was sooo excited when i ordered it for her. she spens hours trying to tell me all of the different species and names and places. i do listen but my eyes tend to glaze over after about half an hour lol. she will be getting a large morrowind birthday cake on her 18th which is next month. can’t wait to see her face when she opens the box! i have to have it made because they don’t sell them in the stores over here so it will cost me about 70 pounds which is about 95 dollars i guess but it will be sooo worth it just to see the look on her face :slight_smile:


That’s pretty cool. My parents have no interest in video games.


aww that’s a shame. i must admit, i’m more interested in the coding to make them than actually playing them. although i used to play a mean game of sonic adventure 2 battle with my son when he was younger lol. nowadays he prefers to play his friends or on xbox live than with his old and uncool mother lol.


Sounds like you have a really cool daughter. Not a lot of people are able to get into Morrowind anymore since it’s a little over a 10 year old game. If you can look passed it being a bit old, though, it’s got some of the best writing and roleplaying of the series.


Also looking forward to it. However I always leave these games for a few months after release cod they are buggy as hell. Also community mods sure make these games look pretty


If you wait less then 6 months all games are discounted. Wait another 6 months and the expansions and with the latest patches are out at a discount price. Since Morrowind Elder Scroll games have released the game of the year edition with the above and at a discount price.


That’s a good point still I’m going to get it at midnight.